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Traffic to our chat live chat rooms are steady and continue to grow each day.  Millions of visitor vist our sites on a daily basis to find unique and special models like yourself.  


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Payment & Potential Revenue Information

You'll get paid every time a customer enters your full show.  The more you interact with your customers and the longer you get them to stay, the more money you make!

Price per minute.

The price per minute is set by you.  The minimum amount you can charge is $.99/minute and the maximum is $4.99/minute. You should take several factors into consideration when choosing your price per minute. Typically new performers will charge a lesser amout to start, to increase their popularity and customer base. If you are performing as a couple or group you would typically charge a greater amout. You can choose to alter your price per minute at any point in time.

  Method of Payment

We have the following payment options available:
1. Checks by regular mail (Sent every Wednesday - $20 minimum)
2. Checks by FedEx® (Sent every Wednesday - $200 minimum, US address only and $25 fee)
3. Wire payment (Sent every Friday - $200 minimum, $40 fee)
4. Payoneer (Sent every Friday - $100 minimum)

You can make the selection of how you wish to be paid in your profile details. Whichever selection you make, please be sure to complete all necessary information for payments to be processed.


   When payments are sent out.

Payments are sent weekly. You get paid for wages earned the previous week. Checks are normally mailed out every Thursday.

Checks are sent out every week, checks under $20 are held over to the next week. If you selected wire as your payment form - wires are sent every Friday assuming your minimum has been met. Wires have a $40 fee. Your personal information will be kept confidential, and will be used solely for the purpose of transferring your funds to you. This could and should be the most lucrative job you will ever have. Your time and commitment will really pay off.

If you do not receive your check and believe it is lost, you have two options. You can either have the check reissued the following week for a fee of $25; or you can choose to wait 45 days from the time of mailing the payment and the check will be reissued without fees.

We are  not responsible for funds after they have been submitted to Payoneer. Payoneer is not required to follow federally funded bank guidelines; they do not provide confirmation numbers and are not guaranteed like bank wires. We will provide whatever confirmation we have that funds have been sent, but Streamate is not responsible for performer/studio access to those funds in Payoneer. All disputes of funds not received should be directed at Payoneer customer service.


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