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Working online has never been so easy.  Hundreds of male and female models are doing it every day and making millions of dollars a year in the process.  As more and more people obtain Internet access your customer bases increases everyday thereby increasing your earning potential.
Macy's Testimonial

I was laid off after the Internet bubble busted and my position was outsourced to India.  Facing eviction and calls from my credit card company, I turned to webcam modeling.  Now, my life is better than ever.  I set my own hours and live financially free of any worries and stress.

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General Information


Webcam Modeling Basics

As a Webcam performer, you would perform and chat live on camera at your leisure using our software. You must be comfortable with nudity.  The longer your customers attend your show, the more money you make. Being a Webcam performer is completely safe and secure, and can be extremely lucrative. You should also know that becoming a Webcam performer is easy and 100% free! Start by clicking here to fill in the registration form. Once completed, you'll need to upload a scan of your photo identification (driver's license, passport, or national identity card) so we can verify that you are at least 18 years of age. To complete this process and enter into our system, we ask you to upload a minimum of one photo of yourself.


Modeling Earnings  

As a Webcam performer, you'll get paid every time a customer enters your full show. The more you interact with your customers and the longer you get them to stay, the more money you make! The price per minute you set is up to you. The minimum amount you can charge is $.99/minute and the maximum is $4.99/minute. However, you should take several factors into consideration when choosing your price per minute. Typically new performers will charge a lesser amount to start, to increase their popularity and customer base. If you are performing as a couple or group you would typically charge a greater amount. You can choose to alter your price per minute at any point in time. You will receive a percentage of every dollar billed to your customers; and we will take care of the credit card processing fees as well as all of the advertising. Payment is made by check twice per month. This could and should be the most lucrative job you will ever have. Your time and commitment will really pay off.


What You Need  

All you need is a web cam, computer, and connection to the internet! We suggest upgrading your equipment once you have a solid customer base, and you feel like you can afford it. Ready to get started? Click Here to sign up!


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