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What You Need To Get Started:

Below you will the minimum hardware requirements to broadcast on our network.



We recommend that you are running Windows 98 or higher with at least 64 megabites of ram. A faster computer will provide a cleaner stream. We suggest upgrading to a gigabite processor with 256 megabites of ram, but it is not necessary to run our software. 



Internet Connection:

You can run our software on anything from a 56k modem to a T3. We suggest using a faster internet connection solely for the purpose of increasing the quality of your video stream. Although, remember we are providing the bandwidth, so you can perform for as many customers at one time as you want, even with the slowest internet connection. 




The best video will be produced by a common camcorder and a capture card (preferably one that is internal). However, a basic web camera will work fine also. 



Customers & Advertising:

We provide all of the advertising and marketing for you. Just make sure your photo and description are set up the way you want them, and customers will come to you! Remember to fill out all the details in your profile so that you will show up in searches made by our users. 


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